New York City Bucket List

1:51 PM
As many of you know I'm spending my final year of college living in New York City, which is extremely exciting! For the past few years of school I have been able to travel into the city for many day trips, but there are so many things I hope to do before my final year of college wraps up, which is why I'm making a bucket list of what I really want to do! Many of my bucket list picks are obscure, but very insta worthy! Check it out below:
10 Things to do Before Graduation 
I've always wanted to grab some coffee at this cafe/rescue organization! I'm always missing my cats while away at school, so I'd love to have some quality cat time while also donating money to a good cause. All of the cats at the cafe are adoptable, so it will be very hard to stop from taking one home with me!
This is something my mom has been begging me to do since I started attending Pace University, and since I now can see the bridge from my dorm building I think it would be a sin if I didn't do it at one point during this year! 
Beetlejuice has always been one of my favorite movies growing up, and ever since it was announced that it was coming to broadway I've been dying to see it! Since it's been receiving a lot of buzz online wish me luck on getting reasonably priced tickets!
I've always been big on ice skating, and have been skating since I was very little, so even before I moved to New York this has been something on my bucket list! I can't wait until the winter months begin and I can head over and get some skate time in! 
There have been many chances for me to visit this amazing museum, but each time I honestly have passed knowing that I will absolutely ball my eyes out the entire visit. But now that I can escape to the comfort of my dorm to cry right after leaving instead of having to take an hour Metro North ride makes me much more apt to go!
This is something I've always wanted to do since learning on this museum while taking art history courses in high school! I recently signed up for my own New York Public Library Card, so I'll be able to grab tickets from there one day! If you're a New York resident I highly recommend getting a library card simply for the free access to museums in the city!
Since I've lived in New York, I've seen the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City many times, but I've always wanted to go to an actual concert here! They happen sparingly so I'm hoping one sparks my interest at some point this year! 
This is something that is super easy to accomplish, but in my three years here I have never done it. I'd love to pack some sandwiches and a blanket and just enjoy the elements!
This inexpensive music venue is something that has been calling my name! Plus it has a great brunch weekend that I may hit up at some point! 
This may be cheating, since I've actually been here before, but I've been dying to come back! If you're a fan of video games, this is a must in NYC! Drinking and eating cheese fries while playing Pac-Man? What's better than that? 

Meeting Taylor Swift!

4:02 PM
I am still in shock that I am writing this post right now, I met Taylor Swift! In order to understand how this amazing thing happened to me, I have to start from the beginning. Last week I had the most magical week, all because of this crazy app 1iota, and this isn't sponsored! I've always had the app on my phone, but never used it. It's essentially an event app, that allows fans to request free tickets to shows and events in New York City, LA, and more. When it was announced that Taylor Swift would be performing on the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, I knew I had to find my way there. I was able to get tickets through 1iota, and began to plan my trip to New York, planning to find time to celebrate a friend's birthday, and squeeze in some album release celebrations as well!
Since I knew I would be in the area I began to apply to more 1iota opportunities including a 'special performance from the Jonas Brothers" and various ticket levels for the MTV Music Video Awards. I ended up getting the Jonas Brothers experience and red carpet level tickets to the VMAs, I was in shock. I've never applied for tickets before, and here I am with passes to three amazing events in one week, seriously if you don't have this app already you NEED to download it ASAP.

While the Good Morning America concert was incredible, that is not where I met her, and she didn't surprise fans at the Jonas Brother's event either, even though that would've been a major 2006 throwback moment. I ended up being one of the few fans she greeted while on the red carpet for the VMAs! Although I always pictured myself meeting her someday, but I didn't expect it at all that day, who knew if she was even going to walk the carpet, never mind come over to my section of the crowd. But like most swifties, I can prepared with a note for her just in case. As she finished her interviews and posing for paparazzi, I held out my letter and hoped for the best.

By some crazy miracle she made her way over to me, it felt like a dream. She took my letter and thanked me and all I could mumble was "I've waited my entire life for this" which sounds crazy, but in my mind it feels true. There is always the saying that you should never meet your idols, but I am so thankful to have had a brief moment with Taylor because she was so kind and sweet. She made me feel like I was the only person on that red carpet with her and was one of the few celebrities that day to take the time to greet and pose for photos with fans.
Although my moment with her was only lasted less than a minute, it's something I'll never forget. All the years of attending concerts, pop-ups, and random events trying to let her know how much she means to me, it finally happened. Truly feels like a miracle to me! When you get the chance make sure to buy or stream her new album Lover, you won't regret it!

Sad Summer Fest: The Start of Something Special

8:57 AM

This past weekend I attended Sad Summer Festival, a traveling festival stopping in 17 cities this summer! Hoping to fill a void since Warped Tour officially stopped traveling, the festival includes many popular pop-punk and rock bands along with photo moments and food trucks. I attended the Worcester, Massachusetts date and it wasn't sad at all, instead it was probably one of my favorite days of the summer. It had a similar feel to Warped Tour, except with less promotional material and more focus on the bands and their fans. There were chances to take photos with band members, and places to cool off and talk with friends. For a rock show, it was extremely organized which made it easy to enjoy. Another aspect I loved was their dedication to local charities, each stop on the tour highlighted a charity from that area, which made it unique and special to every city.

Many of the bands attending were some that I was obsessed with throughout high school, so it was a major throwback seeing them perform again. The Wonder Years, a rock band from Philadelphia, was one that I was most excited to see. The last time I had seen them live was in 2013, so being able to enjoy a set of theirs again as an adult looking back on my high school experiences was surreal. I always like to say that when I see The Wonder Years perform live, it's like they are writing the songs they are singing onstage in that moment, due to the passion they they put into a live show.

Throughout the day, bands continuously mentioned how honored they felt to be on the inaugural Sad Summer Fest Tour, and I felt that way as well. I'm hoping to see this tour grow into something big and last a long time, similar to how Warped Tour did. If a date is coming to your area I highly recommend going!

Lots of Love on this Island

7:30 AM
Who doesn't love a good party? Especially when it includes rosé! This past weekend I attended a great event sponsored by Her Campus and the show Love Island, premiering on CBS July 9th! Held at Rosé Mansion in New York City, attendees were invited to walk through the interactive rosé museum, then join other party-goers in an exclusive event space, where we were offered wine, cookies and more! The goody bag itself was worth the trip, full of Love Island goodies.

I'm not normally one for dating shows,  I've never gotten into the bachelor, but speaking with girls who have seen the UK version of Love Island I'm excited to see what it's all about on July 9th! I'll be getting together with friends to recreate the party from this weekend, rosé is a must!
If you live in the New York City area, taking a visit to Rosé Mansion is a must! The interactive aspect of the museum is so popular right now, and being able to have that accompanied by eight rosé samplers was a blast. 
Can't wait to see everyone's reactions to Love Island!

Extra Fun at Work

8:49 AM

It's not everyday that you get to play in a foam pit during your lunch break, but today that's exactly what I did! Her Campus and Extra Gum have a Refresh Your Day Tour going all around Boston this summer, and it happened to stop right by our office. With music blasting and bubbles coming down the street, it was hard not to spend at least a few minutes at the truck.

Interactive events are all the rage right now, and seeing one moving around the streets is such an interesting experience! Playing in a ball pit while music blasted was a great break from sitting at my desk all day, and if the truck is coming to your area, I'd 100% suggest stopping in for some fun and free gum (that is actually really good!)

Next Stops:
6/26 - 4-7 PM at Chestnut Hill Square
6/27 - 1-4 PM at Boston University
6/29 - 11 AM-5 PM at City Hall Plaza
And more to come!

*I was not compensated for this post

Her Conference 2019: Five Quotes to Live By

8:35 AM
As many of you may know from following me on other social media platforms I've been having an amazing time as an intern for Her Campus! This past weekend I got to travel with fellow interns to our Her Conference in New York City, which was an absolute blast. Not only were there tons of free goodies from sponsors, but I left the weekend feeling closer to my coworkers, and feeling inspired for what is to come!

2019 has been a crazy year for me so far, and there are many life changes I've been going through, so attending a conference full of powerful women was just what I needed this summer. As I go into my senior year of college, where I'll be living in Manhattan, I need all the support I can get from my fellow #girlbosses which was what this weekend was all about. Below are five awesome quotes that I loved throughout the conference!
Five Quotes to Live By from Her Conference 2019:

"Find the people around you that may be able to 
support you and the efforts you are trying to do for yourself"
Amber Tamblyn: actress, author, and director 

"Don't let people say things that bother you, 
you don't have to be everyone's cup of tea"
Michelle Carter: 2016 Olympic gold medalist 

"Hard work leads to amazing things"
Hannah Orenstein: Senior Dating Editor of Elite Daily and first ever Her Campus intern

"Be intentional and confident in where you
want to go. But don’t forget the people coming behind you”
Mandy Velez: Journalist at the Daily Beast and former Her Campus Correspondent

“It’s important to be a full person”
Jessica Marie Garcia: actress and writer

To see more Her Conference content head over to my Instagram!

Making the Most of 27 Minutes

1:58 PM

For a band with only 27 minutes of music out in the world, they put on a hell of a show. The Wrecks, a group of five friends from New Jersey, is an up and coming indie rock band that I believe is only going up from here. You can tell that these guys love what they do the moment they come on stage. They jump into the crowd, crack jokes and nearly injure themselves throughout the set.

Why put the effort into touring the US with only seven released songs? For a simple answer, it’s what the fans want. When I arrived to the show at the Gramercy Theatre the line to get in was already around the block, with two hours left to go until doors opened. The band’s guitarist Nick Schmidt notes how incredibly lucky they are to be headlining already.

“We’re just very thankful to be able to tour and to have people like you guys show up; it means the world to us.”

Kate White Teaches Girls to be Gutsy

11:04 AM
I checked a few items off my bucket list a week ago, from seeing beautiful Niagara Falls, to flying in an airplane by myself, to meeting the past editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan! How? I attended my sorority's International Leadership Forum in Buffalo, New York.

I May Never Be a Mermaid

11:04 AM
When I was little I dreamed of being a mermaid, I would jump into the water pushing my legs together like a tail, swimming along the bottom of the pool. Today, the thought of that makes me cringe. Growing up I lived in the water, but one day that changed. By the time my ears fully developed, around age 10, I could no longer jump off the diving board, or swim to the bottom with my friends. I had a pinhole in my eardrum, caused by tubes as a child, which made going into the water extremely painful. Even if I was splashed, I would run out of the water in pain, clutching my mother on the side of the pool, wishing I could go back to the days of pretending to be a mermaid. I spent my summers trying out different kinds of earplugs, wearing odd fabric bands around my head, and avoiding the water in general. I was miserable watching my older sister and friends dive under the water, begging them to swim where I could stand. I often became the judge for the diving competitions and spent my days reading in the shade instead of in the water.

My First New York Fashion Week

11:20 AM

As I stood in line for my first ever New York Fashion week show, I felt extremely out of place. I looked down at my thin faux leather skirt and black boots with a brown paint stain near the seam and curled inside of myself. Next to me, a man wore a Burberry jacket, and the women is front of me was wearing shoes worth more than my entire wardrobe. I was not supposed to be there among the celebrities and Instagram famous bloggers. However, among my anxieties, was excitement. I grew up watching and worshiping Project Runway, and I was about to see Leanne Marshall’s fall/winter show in New York City. If you told 15 year-old Emily this, she may have fainted from disbelief. Nevertheless, there I was, standing alone on a busy street of NYC, cameras flashing around me.