Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Today was the perfect day to set out and find a Christmas tree! It was snowing lightly and was quite cold, but it was fun. I went to a nearby Christmas tree farm with my parents to find the perfect tree. This was the first time my sister, Kaitlin, hasn't come with us. She is a junior in college and couldn't come home.

It was a succesful trip and we got a beautiful, full Christmas tree. But now that it offically has snowed does that mean you have to stop wearing skirts.....I'd say no; just wear a pair of comfy tights with boots!

To stay warm and still be fashionable I wore my favorite black and white plaid coat, white skinny jeans, a black scarf, suade gray boots, and fingerless gloves.

Black Scarf (Marshalls, $14.99)
Plaid Coat (Kohls, $39.99)
Red fingerless gloves (Abercrombie $12.99)
White Jeans (Marshalls, $19.99)
Gray boots (Payless $39.99)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Teen Vogue!

A couple weeks ago I had submitted a photo to's reader of the day and yesterday I was chosen! That means I was featured on all of Teen Vogues social media websites and the main page of their website! So I was on, Facebook, and tumblr! It's pretty exciting. You may have seen the photo I submitted in my last post, but here are some snapshots of me on their websites. I liked how they worded the article. It talks about how I can shop on a budget! I love that :)

This was the article on their website ^
This was on their Facebook Timeline ^
A snapshot of their website next to all the other readers from other days ^
A closer look ^
and lastly the post on their Tumblr ^

Monday, November 5, 2012

New England State of Mind

The weather is changing and this outfit is great for this time of year. I love getting the most out of my skirts and this skirt is great for colder weather because of the color skeme. Pairing a skirt with a nuetral boyfriend cardigan and high socks makes the outfit great for fall! Also there was a really cool breeze in the air so I put an infinity scarf with the look.
What I'm wearing:
Floral Skirt: (Marshalls, $12.99)
Gray Boyfriend Cardigan: Target, $16.99)
Black Infinity Scarf: (Forever 21, $20.00)
Brown/Black woven belt: (Vintage, Price Unkown)
Black Socks: (Vintage, Price Unkown)
Brown Heels: (Madden Girl, $39.99)

Happy Fall!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello September, Hello School!

Now I'm back to school I won't have as much time to post on my blog because of countless studying for Latin, memorizing maps for World History, and drama & art club (just to name a few things I'm busy with). But you may be wondering what my normal "school outfit" is. I love wearing skirts and dresses (hence the title of my blog)! I keep it girly with fun prints, fun and light colors, and stylish shoes and layers. Here is what I wore today to school. I love this dress from H&M, the pattern is so cute with the little birds, but it was a little chilly just for capped sleeves so I paired it with a "denim" button down shirt I kept open. I'm known for my wedges amongst the drama group I preform with so I love wearing them. I kept my hair casual with a sleek pony tail. Stay warm as the days get cooler!
What I'm wearing:
Denim Button down: ($12.99, Marshalls)
Bird Print Dress: ($16.99, H&M)
Brown Wedges: ($39.99, Payless)

Monday, September 3, 2012

College at the beach

So yesterday we took a short trip to drop my sister off at college. She is very fortunate to go to a school so close to the beach! Her dorm actually has beach access with a picture window! It's absolutely beautiful! So I took the opportunity to snap some photos on her picture perfect deck!

I kept my clothes simple since we were lugging dorm furniture up and down stairs, so no heels for me today! I love these floral jeans because they are a statement but yet so simple. I have this V-neck shirt in many colors it looks great with skirts, jeans and so much more. It's great for pairing with patterned pants.
What I'm wearing:
Floral Jeans (Marshalls, $19.99)
Gold V-neck shirt (Target, $8.99)
Light Green Purse (Courtesy of Teen Vogue)
Navy flip-flops (Old Navy, $2.50)

 After we left the college we went to historic Salem for lunch at "The Tavern"
I had white Macaroni and Cheese (which was delicious) and the atmosphere was great and very historic and fun!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day in the Sun

While on vacation in Maine I found some really beautiful and different blog-worthy places.
Dressed in a comfy and still stylish outfit we set off for the The "Art & Soul gallery". It was a different store filled with hope beads, fun paintings, and ceramic bowls.   

What I'm wearing:
Navy Fabric skirt with exposed pockets ($20.00 dELiA*s)
Fake denim styled button down tank with tied front ($12.99 Marshalls)
Lace Oxfords (TJ Maxx $19.99)
Mint Green side bag (Courtesy of Teen Vogue)

Next we headed to the picturesque Marginal Way Walkway I ditched my oxfords for bare feet and threw on a pair of white and heart scattered sunglasses to shade off the sunshine. ($8, XXI)

The water was wonderful and the button down tank was light and helped me stay cool all day long in the summer heat. One of the many styles I'm glad came back.

The mint green purse held all my essentials including extra hair elastics, phone, digital Camera (Samsung DV300 16MP digital $149.99, Target), Ipod, and Lip balm (Baby Lips in Cherry Me, #15)
Until next time... Enjoy the summer weather!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

First Blog Post!

My First Post!!

In this set of photo set I am wearing some of my favorite summer items from my closet.
What I'm wearing:
Pale Pink button down tank that I tied at the bottom ($12.99 Marshalls)
High to Low Purple skirt ($19.99 dELiA*s)
Nude Pumps ($40.00 Payless)