It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

12:37 PM
Today was the perfect day to set out and find a Christmas tree! It was snowing lightly and was quite cold, but it was fun. I went to a nearby Christmas tree farm with my parents to find the perfect tree. This was the first time my sister, Kaitlin, hasn't come with us. She is a junior in college and couldn't come home.

It was a succesful trip and we got a beautiful, full Christmas tree. But now that it offically has snowed does that mean you have to stop wearing skirts.....I'd say no; just wear a pair of comfy tights with boots!

To stay warm and still be fashionable I wore my favorite black and white plaid coat, white skinny jeans, a black scarf, suade gray boots, and fingerless gloves.

Black Scarf (Marshalls, $14.99)
Plaid Coat (Kohls, $39.99)
Red fingerless gloves (Abercrombie $12.99)
White Jeans (Marshalls, $19.99)
Gray boots (Payless $39.99)

Teen Vogue!

11:47 AM

A couple weeks ago I had submitted a photo to's reader of the day and yesterday I was chosen! That means I was featured on all of Teen Vogues social media websites and the main page of their website! So I was on, Facebook, and tumblr! It's pretty exciting. You may have seen the photo I submitted in my last post, but here are some snapshots of me on their websites. I liked how they worded the article. It talks about how I can shop on a budget! I love that :)

This was the article on their website ^
This was on their Facebook Timeline ^
A snapshot of their website next to all the other readers from other days ^
A closer look ^
and lastly the post on their Tumblr ^