Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello September, Hello School!

Now I'm back to school I won't have as much time to post on my blog because of countless studying for Latin, memorizing maps for World History, and drama & art club (just to name a few things I'm busy with). But you may be wondering what my normal "school outfit" is. I love wearing skirts and dresses (hence the title of my blog)! I keep it girly with fun prints, fun and light colors, and stylish shoes and layers. Here is what I wore today to school. I love this dress from H&M, the pattern is so cute with the little birds, but it was a little chilly just for capped sleeves so I paired it with a "denim" button down shirt I kept open. I'm known for my wedges amongst the drama group I preform with so I love wearing them. I kept my hair casual with a sleek pony tail. Stay warm as the days get cooler!
What I'm wearing:
Denim Button down: ($12.99, Marshalls)
Bird Print Dress: ($16.99, H&M)
Brown Wedges: ($39.99, Payless)


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  3. You look lovely dear

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  4. that is such a pretty dress, i love the bird print! cute and chic! :)


  5. Cute outfit.
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