Cold Marble Tiles

11:10 AM
Recently I went into Boston for the morning to go to the Prudential Tower. It's a beautiful mall filled with expensive clothes I could never afford. I gawked and awed at all the beauty within fabric and the wonderful structures around me. I decided to take some photos with my new Nikon Coolpix p520 I recently bought myself as an early Christmas gift to myself. Taken on December, 13th 2013

What I'm wearing:
White Sweater: (Pre-loved from The Color Mint $8.50)
High waist shorts (Forever 21 $16.99)
Knee high socks (Forever 21 $5.99)
Black suede boots (Target $39.99)

Loving the Leaves

2:39 PM
A beautiful fall day, a perfect opportunity to wear fall colors! Everyone always focuses on the reds and oranges of fall, but green always pops into my mind. Recently olive-green has become a spotlight color in stores and magazines. Walk into any Forever 21 and the color is everywhere from tights to light-weight jackets! I took that color as inspiration for my outfit. Today I'm wearing an olive-green cotton shirt (Thrift-store), a floral skirt (Forever-21, $16.99), tan socks (Borrowed from my father), tan boots (Wet-Seal, $19.99), and I carried a tan envelope purse (A gift). Channel your own olive-green outfit this fall!

Trick or Treat!

3:35 PM
Halloween has always been a large part of my life. From spending endless hours making costumes with my Mother to watching the classic horror films again and again with my older sister. Every year I make the most of October, spending weeks making or designing my costume. I have two costumes this year, one for a party and another for the actual night of Halloween. Yesterday I was a dead ballerina, wearing my old ballet costume, complete with skeleton makeup and a black tutu.

I've never been a girl to turn towards short tight costumes, every year I have to be dramatic and some could say glamorous with a twist. Heavy makeup and sometimes a wig are necessary for the full look to be complete. This year try to be creative with your costume, take old clothes from your attic, dig through your mothers old makeup from the 80's, even try watching a couture runway show. You never know where you'll draw inspiration from! 
A closeup of my makeup 
I had taken Ballet for 9 years when I was younger, that is why I happened to own a black tutu

At the party, my friend CJ was a vampire. We couldn't pass up the opportunity for a dramatic photo!
Happy October! 
*More Halloween posts to come soon!*

Apple Picking

1:52 PM
Every September my family goes apple picking at a nearby farm, eat donuts, and go on a hay ride. It's a tradition that has been going on since I was very young. It's timeless and always creates the best memories between my cousins and I. This year I brought along my boyfriend Alex, it was a different experience for him since he has never gone apple picking before. To suit the changing seasons I wore a light sweater (H&M, $10.00), light wash jeans (Marshalls, $16.99), an American Eagle infinity scarf (A&E, $24.99), green boat shoe style flats (L.L. Bean $7.99 on sale), and carried a yellow purse. 
Alex and I
With my cousin David

My cousins and I
My mom captured this adorable photograph
My favorite goat, Oreo
The whole family <3 (minus a few)

Falling for Fall

2:37 PM

Here in New England the weather has been out of control. One day it will be in the 60's, then 98 degrees the next day. I personally love colder weather more, who doesn't love boots, tights, jeans, and sweaters! It just happened to be cold enough one day to wear some of my favorite pieces of clothing, a black tribal print cardigan ($16.99, Marshall's), Dark wash denim jeans ($49.99, Hollister), a yellow V-neck ($12.99, Target), and black suede boots ($39.99, Target). Enjoy the colder days! 

She said I think I'll go to Boston...

8:33 AM
Yesterday I went into Boston to experience the Museum of Fine Arts for the first time. I've always loved art and have heard great things about this museum. I spent hours exploring the grounds with my mother, also a lover of fashion and art. I wore a white blouse (Forever 21, $6.99), a red pleated skrt (Forever 21, $14.80), black sandals (Forever 21, $5.99), a black and white necklace (Hand-made by my friend Lily), and carried a small black purse (Marshalls, $19.99).

Before walking to the museum from the Prudential Mall, we got Starbucks Iced Coffee
We passed this beautiful church and had to take a photograph
Finally reaching the MFA, the featured exhibit was named "Hippie Chic" and it featured all 70's clothing
On the front steps
In front of my favorite yellow dress from the exhibit 
Expalining Greek myths to my Mom through the amazing artwork
Leaving the museum and resting on the back staircase leading to Fenway Ave.
There was an interesting sculpture of a baby head outside
After leaving the museum we walked to Newbury Street. It's definitely my favorite street in all of Boston. Full of beautiful stores, including American Apparel, a three floor Forever 21, Converse, Brandy Melville, and Anthropology. I purchased a new pair of converse, and a comfy sweatshirt from Forever 21.

In front of the Converse store

An eerie dress for an eerie evening

7:47 PM

Recently I came upon this beautiful dress at Forever 21. At the time they were having a rather large clear out sale, and I was able to purchase this vintage style dress (originally priced at $29.80) for $5.50! It was apart of their "Capsule Collection" and I fell in love with the timeless style! It made me think of an old horror film costume mixed with a fashion story from Teen Vogue, April 2012. I staged these photos as if I was in a horror movie poster in my own front yard at 10:00pm. Horror is my favorite genre of movie and I feel like these photos captured the style of an old 80's John Carpenter film, such as "The Fog", or Brian De Palma's classic "Carrie". I can't wait to wear this dress again! What inspires your fashion? 

A very mint evening

8:13 PM
 The Color Mint ( is a local store, owned by Melissa Rosado, which houses adorable pre-loved and new clothes ranging from $5.00 to $60.00. In a charming location in downtown Haverhill, the lovely store opened it's doors at 6:00pm to welcome people to a night of music, sales, and food. Popular country artist Skyler Clark-Hamel ( performed throughout the night, interacting with shoppers and providing entertainment. It was a perfect way to start your back to school shopping. To attend this event I wore a black polka-dot crop top (Forever 21, $12.99), a denim circle skirt (Forever 21, $16.99), and black suede boots (Target, $39.99).

Sitting on the front steps 
The cute display windows
In the back hallways

The adorable store decor
Melissa updating the stores facebook page before opening 
(Left to right) Emily, Caroline, Lily, and McKenna gather to hear Skyler and shop the sale racks
Skyler in the center of the store, great entertainment for a fun night
McKenna wearing black army boots, and a floral skirt, with a white crop-top shops The Color Mint
Courtney; younger sister of Melissa and employee at The Color Mint, helps customers shop 
Another eye-catching aspect of the boutique is the colorful couch and rug  

A great start to the school year! I shopped the back-to-school deals and purchased a navy and pink dress ($39.99) and a white pre-loved sweater ($8.50). Thank you Melissa and everyone involved in this event!

**I am not being endorsed or paid to post about "The Color Mint" or "Skyler" nor am I paid to endorse certain clothing labels**