So I have been very busy lately and have not been able to post! December was a very busy month for me! I was in my schools production of "A Christmas Carol" which took a lot of time up. Plus homework always eats up all my time after school and before I realize it, outside has turned to darkness. On the weekends I try to balance guitar lessons, friends, and family time, so it gets pretty tricky trying to fit in taking pictures for this blog. But I made it a priority to take some pictures on this perfect "New England" snow day!
 This is the outfit I wore to school all day! Its comfortable, casual, warm, and perfect for a normal day in high school. The hat is an essential for standing at the bus stop while it is snowing heavily, like it was this morning.
This is my favorite jacket because the color just pops! The army-style boots are very comfortable  I wear them to school almost every day since they match with everything. jeans are an item I wear almost everyday in the winter because they are warmer than skirts and still can be fashionable. 

What I'm wearing:
Plaid scarf: $19.99 (Mall stand)
Long sleeve gray V-neck: $12.99 (Marshalls) *Under Jacket
Mustard leather jacket: $25.00 (Charlotte Russe)
Light wash jeans: $19.99 (TJ Maxx)
Slip-over Steve Madden boot cuffs: $6.99 (Marshalls)
Brown army-style boots: $20.00 (Wetseal)
Furry Hat: $15.00 (H&M) *Half-off Black Friday sale

Have a lovely winter! Happy New Year!