Bicycle Rides

1:47 PM
It's a beautiful summer day in New England. It's very humid, with no air though, s it's perfect for a bike ride. The wind hits your face, as the sun glimmers off the handle-bars.

 During the Summer I try to keep my outfits simple, with very little accessories and simple shoes.

What I'm wearing:
Bicycle Gray V-neck: (The Color Mint, $8)
High-waist jean shorts: (Hand-made)
Navy and White Ked Sneakers: (, $39.99)

Mint with Envy

6:36 PM
A while back my very close friend announced her older sister would be opening a clothing boutique in our town! I was beyond excited when she asked me to model for the store. It was an amazing experience, and the photos are now displayed in the fashion forward windows of "The Color Mint"! The clothes are fashionable, affordable, and very fun! I didn't want to return the clothes after the photos were taken!
Check out the store:

^Here you can see some of the photos displayed

Here is a glimpse into the shoot :) 

I'm back!!

3:30 PM
As you may have noticed I haven't been active in a while :) I've been super busy with school ending, and finals. But finally it's summer once again! I'll try to post more often.

I had taken these photos a couple months ago and never gotten around to actually writing out a post. I went on a day trip with my mother to a small town in MA, Newburyport!

First we went to the local Orange Leaf in the town square, then took a short walk around town.

After our walk on the boardwalk, we decided to walk through "Oldies Marketplace" an ancient antique store that has been a town staple from before I was even born. 

What I'm wearing:
Peter Pan Collar necklace - Burlington Coat Factory ($20)
Gray and Leather T-shirt - Marshall's ($13.99)
Light Wash "Bull Moose" jeans - TJ Maxx ($19.99)
Burgundy Converse High Tops - Converse ($60)