As you may have noticed I haven't been active in a while :) I've been super busy with school ending, and finals. But finally it's summer once again! I'll try to post more often.

I had taken these photos a couple months ago and never gotten around to actually writing out a post. I went on a day trip with my mother to a small town in MA, Newburyport!

First we went to the local Orange Leaf in the town square, then took a short walk around town.

After our walk on the boardwalk, we decided to walk through "Oldies Marketplace" an ancient antique store that has been a town staple from before I was even born. 

What I'm wearing:
Peter Pan Collar necklace - Burlington Coat Factory ($20)
Gray and Leather T-shirt - Marshall's ($13.99)
Light Wash "Bull Moose" jeans - TJ Maxx ($19.99)
Burgundy Converse High Tops - Converse ($60)