She said I think I'll go to Boston...

8:33 AM
Yesterday I went into Boston to experience the Museum of Fine Arts for the first time. I've always loved art and have heard great things about this museum. I spent hours exploring the grounds with my mother, also a lover of fashion and art. I wore a white blouse (Forever 21, $6.99), a red pleated skrt (Forever 21, $14.80), black sandals (Forever 21, $5.99), a black and white necklace (Hand-made by my friend Lily), and carried a small black purse (Marshalls, $19.99).

Before walking to the museum from the Prudential Mall, we got Starbucks Iced Coffee
We passed this beautiful church and had to take a photograph
Finally reaching the MFA, the featured exhibit was named "Hippie Chic" and it featured all 70's clothing
On the front steps
In front of my favorite yellow dress from the exhibit 
Expalining Greek myths to my Mom through the amazing artwork
Leaving the museum and resting on the back staircase leading to Fenway Ave.
There was an interesting sculpture of a baby head outside
After leaving the museum we walked to Newbury Street. It's definitely my favorite street in all of Boston. Full of beautiful stores, including American Apparel, a three floor Forever 21, Converse, Brandy Melville, and Anthropology. I purchased a new pair of converse, and a comfy sweatshirt from Forever 21.

In front of the Converse store

An eerie dress for an eerie evening

7:47 PM

Recently I came upon this beautiful dress at Forever 21. At the time they were having a rather large clear out sale, and I was able to purchase this vintage style dress (originally priced at $29.80) for $5.50! It was apart of their "Capsule Collection" and I fell in love with the timeless style! It made me think of an old horror film costume mixed with a fashion story from Teen Vogue, April 2012. I staged these photos as if I was in a horror movie poster in my own front yard at 10:00pm. Horror is my favorite genre of movie and I feel like these photos captured the style of an old 80's John Carpenter film, such as "The Fog", or Brian De Palma's classic "Carrie". I can't wait to wear this dress again! What inspires your fashion? 

A very mint evening

8:13 PM
 The Color Mint ( is a local store, owned by Melissa Rosado, which houses adorable pre-loved and new clothes ranging from $5.00 to $60.00. In a charming location in downtown Haverhill, the lovely store opened it's doors at 6:00pm to welcome people to a night of music, sales, and food. Popular country artist Skyler Clark-Hamel ( performed throughout the night, interacting with shoppers and providing entertainment. It was a perfect way to start your back to school shopping. To attend this event I wore a black polka-dot crop top (Forever 21, $12.99), a denim circle skirt (Forever 21, $16.99), and black suede boots (Target, $39.99).

Sitting on the front steps 
The cute display windows
In the back hallways

The adorable store decor
Melissa updating the stores facebook page before opening 
(Left to right) Emily, Caroline, Lily, and McKenna gather to hear Skyler and shop the sale racks
Skyler in the center of the store, great entertainment for a fun night
McKenna wearing black army boots, and a floral skirt, with a white crop-top shops The Color Mint
Courtney; younger sister of Melissa and employee at The Color Mint, helps customers shop 
Another eye-catching aspect of the boutique is the colorful couch and rug  

A great start to the school year! I shopped the back-to-school deals and purchased a navy and pink dress ($39.99) and a white pre-loved sweater ($8.50). Thank you Melissa and everyone involved in this event!

**I am not being endorsed or paid to post about "The Color Mint" or "Skyler" nor am I paid to endorse certain clothing labels**

C'est ma chambre

7:00 PM
"This is my room" 
I feel like the way you design your room reflects your personality and style. As I entered high school I had the change to completely re-do my older sister's room and move in. The second I found out I began my designing. I've always had a love for interior design and I began picking out paint, wallpaper, fabric, and frames. I worked very hard on my room including spray painting frames white, and searching over 10 stores for the perfect bed frame and mirror shapes. In this post I will give a tour of my room and give you advice on how to make your room useful and fashionable! 

This is a main point in my room and it displays my personality very well. It is crazy and almost messy, but everything is in order. 

I normally sit here and do my makeup in the morning or paint my nails. It's always good to have a makeup caddie (Walmart), such as the one I have, it keeps you organized and will shorten the amount of time it takes to do your makeup. Another part of this desk I love is the vintage jewelry case I use to hold all my nail polish and the antique chair that belonged to my grandmother. For inspiration I keep an old photograph of my mother in high school near my mirror (Target), my family always tell me how much I look like her. To make hair styling and much more organized I found an antique mirrored tray to gather everything on a shelf all in reach. I have a larger jewelry box in another corner of my room, but I always keep the pieces I wear most on this mannequin (Icing/Claire's). 

On the higher shelves above my desk I keep photographs and "nic-nacs". I like to keep all of the "clutter" or more personal items in one spot, and these shelves are perfect for that. It also brings a personal level to the otherwise blank wall. 

To the left of my desk is a small bookshelf and my closet door. This section is all about organization. I try to keep things that may bring clutter into stylish boxes. On the top shelf I have my jewelry box, and under I have a box of toiletries, a mug of pencils/pens, and a box full of nail filers. For the next few shelves are my favorite books and a small box of lotion and makeup wipes. To the right on the shelf is a small holder with my curler and straightener, since the mirror to the left is where I do my hair. 

My closet is one of my favorite aspects of my room. I always suggest staying organized in a big closet, since it's a lot easier to be messy in a larger space. I keep all the clothes categorized into types (tanks, short-sleeve, button- down, sweaters, sweatshirts). I also keep shoes/ hair accessories in plastic, sliding drawers (walmart). 

To the left of my closet are these awesome built-in dressers, where I keep a majority of my clothes. Also I hung my guitar in the wall next to the closet. 

I spent a lot of time on my window seat, I watch movies, and listen to music and talk to friends. Around the top is a string holding all memorable things like movies tickets and pictures, it's a way to hoard memories without the mess. In the drawer underneath I keep all my backpacks, purses, and wallets.

My bed is so comfortable and I keep it simple and fashionable while still being comfy. I also keep my other passion on the side, which is all my musical items. Under my side table is where i keep all my Teen Vogue magazines :) 

So that's my room!