"This is my room" 
I feel like the way you design your room reflects your personality and style. As I entered high school I had the change to completely re-do my older sister's room and move in. The second I found out I began my designing. I've always had a love for interior design and I began picking out paint, wallpaper, fabric, and frames. I worked very hard on my room including spray painting frames white, and searching over 10 stores for the perfect bed frame and mirror shapes. In this post I will give a tour of my room and give you advice on how to make your room useful and fashionable! 

This is a main point in my room and it displays my personality very well. It is crazy and almost messy, but everything is in order. 

I normally sit here and do my makeup in the morning or paint my nails. It's always good to have a makeup caddie (Walmart), such as the one I have, it keeps you organized and will shorten the amount of time it takes to do your makeup. Another part of this desk I love is the vintage jewelry case I use to hold all my nail polish and the antique chair that belonged to my grandmother. For inspiration I keep an old photograph of my mother in high school near my mirror (Target), my family always tell me how much I look like her. To make hair styling and much more organized I found an antique mirrored tray to gather everything on a shelf all in reach. I have a larger jewelry box in another corner of my room, but I always keep the pieces I wear most on this mannequin (Icing/Claire's). 

On the higher shelves above my desk I keep photographs and "nic-nacs". I like to keep all of the "clutter" or more personal items in one spot, and these shelves are perfect for that. It also brings a personal level to the otherwise blank wall. 

To the left of my desk is a small bookshelf and my closet door. This section is all about organization. I try to keep things that may bring clutter into stylish boxes. On the top shelf I have my jewelry box, and under I have a box of toiletries, a mug of pencils/pens, and a box full of nail filers. For the next few shelves are my favorite books and a small box of lotion and makeup wipes. To the right on the shelf is a small holder with my curler and straightener, since the mirror to the left is where I do my hair. 

My closet is one of my favorite aspects of my room. I always suggest staying organized in a big closet, since it's a lot easier to be messy in a larger space. I keep all the clothes categorized into types (tanks, short-sleeve, button- down, sweaters, sweatshirts). I also keep shoes/ hair accessories in plastic, sliding drawers (walmart). 

To the left of my closet are these awesome built-in dressers, where I keep a majority of my clothes. Also I hung my guitar in the wall next to the closet. 

I spent a lot of time on my window seat, I watch movies, and listen to music and talk to friends. Around the top is a string holding all memorable things like movies tickets and pictures, it's a way to hoard memories without the mess. In the drawer underneath I keep all my backpacks, purses, and wallets.

My bed is so comfortable and I keep it simple and fashionable while still being comfy. I also keep my other passion on the side, which is all my musical items. Under my side table is where i keep all my Teen Vogue magazines :) 

So that's my room!