Yesterday I went into Boston to experience the Museum of Fine Arts for the first time. I've always loved art and have heard great things about this museum. I spent hours exploring the grounds with my mother, also a lover of fashion and art. I wore a white blouse (Forever 21, $6.99), a red pleated skrt (Forever 21, $14.80), black sandals (Forever 21, $5.99), a black and white necklace (Hand-made by my friend Lily), and carried a small black purse (Marshalls, $19.99).

Before walking to the museum from the Prudential Mall, we got Starbucks Iced Coffee
We passed this beautiful church and had to take a photograph
Finally reaching the MFA, the featured exhibit was named "Hippie Chic" and it featured all 70's clothing
On the front steps
In front of my favorite yellow dress from the exhibit 
Expalining Greek myths to my Mom through the amazing artwork
Leaving the museum and resting on the back staircase leading to Fenway Ave.
There was an interesting sculpture of a baby head outside
After leaving the museum we walked to Newbury Street. It's definitely my favorite street in all of Boston. Full of beautiful stores, including American Apparel, a three floor Forever 21, Converse, Brandy Melville, and Anthropology. I purchased a new pair of converse, and a comfy sweatshirt from Forever 21.

In front of the Converse store