Halloween has always been a large part of my life. From spending endless hours making costumes with my Mother to watching the classic horror films again and again with my older sister. Every year I make the most of October, spending weeks making or designing my costume. I have two costumes this year, one for a party and another for the actual night of Halloween. Yesterday I was a dead ballerina, wearing my old ballet costume, complete with skeleton makeup and a black tutu.

I've never been a girl to turn towards short tight costumes, every year I have to be dramatic and some could say glamorous with a twist. Heavy makeup and sometimes a wig are necessary for the full look to be complete. This year try to be creative with your costume, take old clothes from your attic, dig through your mothers old makeup from the 80's, even try watching a couture runway show. You never know where you'll draw inspiration from! 
A closeup of my makeup 
I had taken Ballet for 9 years when I was younger, that is why I happened to own a black tutu

At the party, my friend CJ was a vampire. We couldn't pass up the opportunity for a dramatic photo!
Happy October! 
*More Halloween posts to come soon!*