House Shopping

4:12 PM

Today a group of 48 art students and two art teachers took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island to tour two very iconic mansions. We started off the day at "The Breakers" the summer home of wealthy Vanderbilt family built in 1892. I can't ever imagine living in a home so ornate and large; but it would be nice. We also visited "The Marble House", but I didn't take any photos in that home. My friends and I enjoyed the day with my art teacher and mentor, Ms.Blim, exploring the large homes and pretending we were buying it, picking our extravagant rooms.

What I Wore:
Black infinity scarf (a gift)
Red and black Ann Taylor Jacket: (The Loft a gift)
Jeans: (Forever 21 $7.80)
Black pelum top: (Forever 21 $16.99)
Black suede shoes: (Target $39.99)
Rampage purse: (Marshall's $24.99)

Give Thanks

4:23 PM
There are many things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving, such as the health of my family and the friends who stand behind me. Being with my family today made me realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by love and happiness. My outfit this thanksgiving was extremely affordable thanks to Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I combined an otherwise colorful look with dark accessories and leather, which made the look more season appropriate especially since there is already snow on the ground where I live, about 30 minutes outside of Boston.

What I'm Wearing: 
Printed dress (TJ Maxx $10.00)
Leather Jacket (Marshall's $24.99)
Black Betsy Johnston tights (Marshall's $17.99 for a three-pack)
Rampage purse (TJ Maxx $24.99)
Awesome* heels (Marshall's $10.00)


5:52 PM
I've been very busy lately, and I've recently gotten a job in retail, seeing the behind the scenes of stores is very interesting! But I'm here to share some homecoming pictures, since they were recently posted on Teen Vogues website in this article . My homecoming celebration is not as fancy as others, it is held in our cool cafeteria and the girls mostly wear short dresses and the boys in dress shirts. I found this dress during the summer at Forever 21 and knew I had to buy it for homecoming. It seems extremely simple at first glance, but up close, there are embroidered details on top of the black underlay. When I tired it on, it fit like a glove, and at the price of $20 I had to have it. I added a long silver necklace, knotted at the bottom, with matching silver shoes.

What I'm wearing:
Black dress (Forever 21 $20.00)
Sparkly heels (Payless $30.00)
Long necklace (Kohls $12.99) 

Hometown Fashion Week

9:27 AM

Yesterday I got the chance to see behind the scenes of a fashion show when my hometown celebrated fashion week! Three local clothing stores got together to put on a fabulous show, and I got to model for The Color Mint. You may be familiar with my prior posts about this store and it's adorable and affordable clothing! 
The day started out with a 10:00 am fitting to see what I would be walking in! The second I saw these lounge pants I fell in love and they were so comfy! They were paired with a gray v-neck shirt and my own black suede boots. Later in the day I returned to meet the rest of the models and to get my hair and makeup done. You could feel the tension backstage. Everyone was running around making sure everything was perfect! I even ended up helping put grad bags together for those attending the show. I couldn't even imagine how a NYC fashion show would feel! 
Finally it was time to walk, and then it started raining, that definitely made tensions rise. But the rain couldn't stop us! The show continued without a hitch, and it was so fun! I was expecting to be nervous backstage, but when I got out there in front of everyone it was amazing! I would really love to be apart of another show someday! 

What I'm wearing:
Printed lounge pants (The Color Mint $34.00)
Gray v-neck shirt (The Color Mint)
Gold necklace (The Color Mint)
Black suede boots (Target $39.99)
Hair: Poppins Salon and City Spa
Makeup: Smooth Hair Salon 

Beach Bum

5:50 PM

This summer I've been obsessed with odd-style bathing suits, from strange cut-outs to high waists I'll wear it! This bathing suit has been my favorite this season, the pattern is so different and the neckline makes it stand out. It takes the traditional black and white bathing suit to a whole new level! A huge plus side is that it is also very comfortable, perfect for a swim in the ocean, and a nap on the beach. 

 What I'm Wearing: 
Black and white bathing suit (Target $29.99)
Sun hat (Target $14.99)
Betsy Johnston sunglasses (TJ Maxx $9.99)

Yankee Homecoming

10:02 AM

A normal day in Newburyport includes eating ice cream, walking along the water, and watching teens play guitar for extra money. But during Yankee Homecoming the small town is filled with tourists and vendors. Stages with local performers are littered through out the streets and the smell of food fills the air. Boats line the boardwalk and teenagers play guitar for the visitors. It's a sight to be seen. I spent the day walking around, giving my money away to singers on the street, getting henna done, and sampling various foods. It was a warm day, so I played it cool with a loose skirt and fun tribal printed leotard. I was comfortable and cool the entire day. The letter bag was a great idea, it's a small looking bag, but with many compartments I could keep all that I needed: wallet, sunscreen, lipstick, extra hair elastics, and my keys.

What I'm Wearing:
Tribal print leotard (Forever 21 $14.99)
Orange skirt (Target $19.99)
Tan wedges (Payless $29.99)
Tan letter bag (Gift)
Cirlce sunglasses (Francesca's $15.99) 

Waterfalls and Waterfall Braids

4:43 PM

While up in Groton, Vermont we visited a small waterfall and basin, which was absolutely beautiful. As a group we swam, climbed rocks, and tried to catch small fish with our hands. My cousin climbed on the rocks, and jumped into the deep water, while I sat taking photos. It was overall a casual day, mostly wearing bathing suits in the hot sun. 

What I'm Wearing:
High waist denim shorts (Forever 21 $17.99)
White blouse (Forever 21, $6.99)
Animal print bathing suit top (Target $14.99)
Black bathing suit bottoms (Target $14.99)
Betsy Johnston sunglasses (TJ Maxx $9.99)