Confidence is Key

7:08 PM
Floral. Bright yellow. Mini skirt. Not items you would normally see in an outfit for winter, but who says I'm normal. It could be 10 degrees outside and I still would be wearing tights and a skirt, yes people may give me odd looks in the hallway or outside, but who cares at this point. I believe that you should always wear whatever you want, as long as your confident and comfortable, you can pull it off! Throughout middle school I tried to be like everyone else, so I could fit in. I wanted so badly to be like everyone else, but what I've learned is being yourself is the best way to be happy. So hold your shoulders back, smile wide, and walk down that hallway like it's a runway at fashion week!

What I'm wearing:
Red cropped sweater (Forever 21 $19.99)
Floral quilted skirt (Forever 21 $14.99)
Pearl necklace (Vintage *price unknown*)
Tights (Capezio dance-wear $40)
Yellow leather jacket (Charlotte Russe $25.00)
Red Heels (Target $39.99)

Sweet Sixteen

8:53 AM
Almost every teenage girl dreams of having a Sweet Sixteen birthday party, and after a lot of planning and hard work my dream came true! On January 3rd I hosted a party at a local music venue, complete with an awesome playlist, a live band, and flashing lights! I had the time of my life dancing alongside my friends! The theme was musical and decorated accordingly with black and red, glowing centerpieces, and star shaped balloons. It definitely was a night to remember!

With my favorite guys!

The band: Premier 
Dancing the night away!
My boyfriend, Erik

What I'm wearing:
Black lace dress (Marshall's $20.00)
Red bow (Claire's $5.99)
Red heels (Target $39.99)

Musical New Year

9:36 AM
You should have seen my face when I opened up this beauty on Christmas morning! A beautiful pre-owned Fender Squier Strat electric guitar, in simple black & white. To visit relatives I put together my outfit inspired by this lovely guitar, and a few new clothing items. One of my favorite color combinations is red and black and I'm in love with cats... so this outfit perfectly describes me. The cat tights were a find at Forever 21! It was love at first sight and I had to purchase them! I hope it's socially acceptable to be in love with a clothing item because I'm in love with these tights! Photos taken on December 25th 2013

What I'm wearing:
Black cropped sweater (Marshall's $17.99)
Red plaid scarf (Forever 21 $6.99)
Red pleated skirt (Forever 21 $14.80)
Cat nylons (Forever 21 $4.80)
Red suede wedges (TJ Maxx about $30)
Guitar (Northstar music center $180)