Floral. Bright yellow. Mini skirt. Not items you would normally see in an outfit for winter, but who says I'm normal. It could be 10 degrees outside and I still would be wearing tights and a skirt, yes people may give me odd looks in the hallway or outside, but who cares at this point. I believe that you should always wear whatever you want, as long as your confident and comfortable, you can pull it off! Throughout middle school I tried to be like everyone else, so I could fit in. I wanted so badly to be like everyone else, but what I've learned is being yourself is the best way to be happy. So hold your shoulders back, smile wide, and walk down that hallway like it's a runway at fashion week!

What I'm wearing:
Red cropped sweater (Forever 21 $19.99)
Floral quilted skirt (Forever 21 $14.99)
Pearl necklace (Vintage *price unknown*)
Tights (Capezio dance-wear $40)
Yellow leather jacket (Charlotte Russe $25.00)
Red Heels (Target $39.99)