You should have seen my face when I opened up this beauty on Christmas morning! A beautiful pre-owned Fender Squier Strat electric guitar, in simple black & white. To visit relatives I put together my outfit inspired by this lovely guitar, and a few new clothing items. One of my favorite color combinations is red and black and I'm in love with cats... so this outfit perfectly describes me. The cat tights were a find at Forever 21! It was love at first sight and I had to purchase them! I hope it's socially acceptable to be in love with a clothing item because I'm in love with these tights! Photos taken on December 25th 2013

What I'm wearing:
Black cropped sweater (Marshall's $17.99)
Red plaid scarf (Forever 21 $6.99)
Red pleated skirt (Forever 21 $14.80)
Cat nylons (Forever 21 $4.80)
Red suede wedges (TJ Maxx about $30)
Guitar (Northstar music center $180)