Yankee Homecoming

10:02 AM

A normal day in Newburyport includes eating ice cream, walking along the water, and watching teens play guitar for extra money. But during Yankee Homecoming the small town is filled with tourists and vendors. Stages with local performers are littered through out the streets and the smell of food fills the air. Boats line the boardwalk and teenagers play guitar for the visitors. It's a sight to be seen. I spent the day walking around, giving my money away to singers on the street, getting henna done, and sampling various foods. It was a warm day, so I played it cool with a loose skirt and fun tribal printed leotard. I was comfortable and cool the entire day. The letter bag was a great idea, it's a small looking bag, but with many compartments I could keep all that I needed: wallet, sunscreen, lipstick, extra hair elastics, and my keys.

What I'm Wearing:
Tribal print leotard (Forever 21 $14.99)
Orange skirt (Target $19.99)
Tan wedges (Payless $29.99)
Tan letter bag (Gift)
Cirlce sunglasses (Francesca's $15.99) 

Waterfalls and Waterfall Braids

4:43 PM

While up in Groton, Vermont we visited a small waterfall and basin, which was absolutely beautiful. As a group we swam, climbed rocks, and tried to catch small fish with our hands. My cousin climbed on the rocks, and jumped into the deep water, while I sat taking photos. It was overall a casual day, mostly wearing bathing suits in the hot sun. 

What I'm Wearing:
High waist denim shorts (Forever 21 $17.99)
White blouse (Forever 21, $6.99)
Animal print bathing suit top (Target $14.99)
Black bathing suit bottoms (Target $14.99)
Betsy Johnston sunglasses (TJ Maxx $9.99)


4:49 PM

This weekend I'm visiting my aunt in Vermont, which means casual and functional outfits. You wouldn't want to be uncomfortable walking through tall grass and cobble-stone sidewalks. Today we spent some time in Stowe, Vermont taking in the sights, sounds, and most importantly: tastes. The first stop was a small coffee shop known throughout Stowe, Black Cap Coffee! I had a chai tea latte and it was amazing! It had a very personal feel, which was spread throughout Stowe. After sitting down for a while we continued to explore the town, entering every gift-shop and small art museum available.  I went very casual for this day-trip, considering it was a day full of gift sops and eating. I opted for converse sneakers, instead of my normal sandals, they were perfect for a day of short walks and wet grass. I was comfortable and still keeping the trends.

What I'm wearing:
Fox print v-neck (Kohl's $16.99)
High waist denim shorts (Forever 21 $17.99)
White converse sneakers (Marshall's $20)
Betsy Johnston sunglasses (TJ Maxx $9.99)

Carefree Summer

6:50 AM
This summer I've nailed the carefree look, considering I wake up at 11:00am everyday and throw on shorts and a top. I'm currently unemployed, and I've been on he job search all summer. But I do spare the babysitting money I get to keep updated on what Marshall's and Forever 21 hold in stock. Recently I've noticed a huge boom of "bohemian" fashions, and I've jumped on the bandwagon once again. I keep it simple though, with a bright color or an interesting sandal. That's exactly what I'm doing here, a light airy peasant top, but with a bold pair of shorts. This way I'm staying cool in the New England heat, while staying on the trends. This whole outfit only cost me about $40! 

What I'm wearing:
White crop-top (Marshall's $14.99)
Orange high waist shorts (Forever 21 $17.99)
Tan sandals (Charlotte Russe $5)
Woven purse (Given to me *price unkown)

Summer Dreams

10:08 AM
Hello World! I've been extremely busy since school got out, my goal is to make this summer unforgettable and so far it truly has been! Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my favorite musician, Ed Sheeran! At 3:00pm my family headed into Boston for a rooftop pool party, thrown by Kiss 108 (a radio station), which we had won tickets to. My sister Kaitlin and I checked in and were directed to the roof. It was beautiful and for a few short hours we lived in luxury. We enjoyed little burgers and fancy water, and then at 5:00pm, Ed emerged from the doorway and I began to cry. I couldn't believe this was happening. He approached the little stage and sang a few songs off of his new (amazing) album. Afterwards we got to take one photo with him, with groups of eight, but luckily my sister and I were right next to him. As he left the roof I ran up to him and he quickly signed my cd as his manager ushered him away from the fans. As we left the hotel we noticed a crowd of girls waiting by the employee exit, we decided to join them and waited for Ed to exit the building. After what felt like an eternity he came out, and I finally got my "selfie" with him! It was a dream come true!

 What I'm wearing:
Black sandals (Target $24.99)
Lace cover-up (Pac-Sun $17.99)
Black tank top (Target $12.99)
High-waisted denim shorts (Charlotte Russe $24.99)
Sun hat (Target $14.99)
Black studded bag (Forever 21 $17.99)