This weekend I'm visiting my aunt in Vermont, which means casual and functional outfits. You wouldn't want to be uncomfortable walking through tall grass and cobble-stone sidewalks. Today we spent some time in Stowe, Vermont taking in the sights, sounds, and most importantly: tastes. The first stop was a small coffee shop known throughout Stowe, Black Cap Coffee! I had a chai tea latte and it was amazing! It had a very personal feel, which was spread throughout Stowe. After sitting down for a while we continued to explore the town, entering every gift-shop and small art museum available.  I went very casual for this day-trip, considering it was a day full of gift sops and eating. I opted for converse sneakers, instead of my normal sandals, they were perfect for a day of short walks and wet grass. I was comfortable and still keeping the trends.

What I'm wearing:
Fox print v-neck (Kohl's $16.99)
High waist denim shorts (Forever 21 $17.99)
White converse sneakers (Marshall's $20)
Betsy Johnston sunglasses (TJ Maxx $9.99)