Hello World! I've been extremely busy since school got out, my goal is to make this summer unforgettable and so far it truly has been! Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet my favorite musician, Ed Sheeran! At 3:00pm my family headed into Boston for a rooftop pool party, thrown by Kiss 108 (a radio station), which we had won tickets to. My sister Kaitlin and I checked in and were directed to the roof. It was beautiful and for a few short hours we lived in luxury. We enjoyed little burgers and fancy water, and then at 5:00pm, Ed emerged from the doorway and I began to cry. I couldn't believe this was happening. He approached the little stage and sang a few songs off of his new (amazing) album. Afterwards we got to take one photo with him, with groups of eight, but luckily my sister and I were right next to him. As he left the roof I ran up to him and he quickly signed my cd as his manager ushered him away from the fans. As we left the hotel we noticed a crowd of girls waiting by the employee exit, we decided to join them and waited for Ed to exit the building. After what felt like an eternity he came out, and I finally got my "selfie" with him! It was a dream come true!

 What I'm wearing:
Black sandals (Target $24.99)
Lace cover-up (Pac-Sun $17.99)
Black tank top (Target $12.99)
High-waisted denim shorts (Charlotte Russe $24.99)
Sun hat (Target $14.99)
Black studded bag (Forever 21 $17.99)