Yesterday I got the chance to see behind the scenes of a fashion show when my hometown celebrated fashion week! Three local clothing stores got together to put on a fabulous show, and I got to model for The Color Mint. You may be familiar with my prior posts about this store and it's adorable and affordable clothing! 
The day started out with a 10:00 am fitting to see what I would be walking in! The second I saw these lounge pants I fell in love and they were so comfy! They were paired with a gray v-neck shirt and my own black suede boots. Later in the day I returned to meet the rest of the models and to get my hair and makeup done. You could feel the tension backstage. Everyone was running around making sure everything was perfect! I even ended up helping put grad bags together for those attending the show. I couldn't even imagine how a NYC fashion show would feel! 
Finally it was time to walk, and then it started raining, that definitely made tensions rise. But the rain couldn't stop us! The show continued without a hitch, and it was so fun! I was expecting to be nervous backstage, but when I got out there in front of everyone it was amazing! I would really love to be apart of another show someday! 

What I'm wearing:
Printed lounge pants (The Color Mint $34.00)
Gray v-neck shirt (The Color Mint)
Gold necklace (The Color Mint)
Black suede boots (Target $39.99)
Hair: Poppins Salon and City Spa
Makeup: Smooth Hair Salon