Today a group of 48 art students and two art teachers took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island to tour two very iconic mansions. We started off the day at "The Breakers" the summer home of wealthy Vanderbilt family built in 1892. I can't ever imagine living in a home so ornate and large; but it would be nice. We also visited "The Marble House", but I didn't take any photos in that home. My friends and I enjoyed the day with my art teacher and mentor, Ms.Blim, exploring the large homes and pretending we were buying it, picking our extravagant rooms.

What I Wore:
Black infinity scarf (a gift)
Red and black Ann Taylor Jacket: (The Loft a gift)
Jeans: (Forever 21 $7.80)
Black pelum top: (Forever 21 $16.99)
Black suede shoes: (Target $39.99)
Rampage purse: (Marshall's $24.99)