Sparkle & Shine?

5:42 PM

It happens to the best of us, entering the department stores in December we are instantly surrounded by red and green sequins, drawn to the sparkle and shine of the holidays. Then it happens, we buy that shiny red number and suddenly you look like you should be on top of the tree instead of beside it. I love sparkles just as much as the next girl, but Christmas is a time to let the tree shine, instead of your skirt. Here's three questions to ask yourself before committing to the perfect party dress.

Eyebrow Game Strong

7:55 PM

I had never given my eyebrows a second thought, every so often I would pluck them myself, but that was all. When Billion Dollar Brows contacted me to test out some of their new products, I figured it would be a good chance to experiment. The results were amazing, it had never occurred to me that changing the shape of my eyebrows would make such a difference.

Happy Nails-Giving!

10:46 AM

I have many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, including all the wonderful people I have met through Fashion Daydream, including Kristen Schaffer of Jamberry Nails. I recently met her at the Her Campus College Fashion Week in Boston, and since then she has been so helpful with my exploration into the world of nail wraps. Jamberry Nail Wraps are small heat-activated decals that can last up to two weeks, and they come in many adorable designs! For Thanksgiving I decided to use their wraps titled "Trunk Show" as accent nails to my orange Revlon polish. All day I got compliments from my relatives, and even from people shopping later in the evening.

Am I Dreaming?

6:40 PM

As you all may know, I am absolutely obsessed with everything related to New York City, especially Teen Vogue. So, as expected, when I found out I would be touring the Teen Vogue Headquarters in New York City I was ecstatic.
Walking through the large glass doors at One World Trade Center felt like a dream, I couldn't believe I was in the building where the magic of Teen Vogue is born. I went through security, and took the elevator to the 40th floor, where I was greeted by marble walls and dark leather couches. Before me were the doors into the offices. I sat and waited for Tina Ferraro, the beauty assistant at Teen Vogue, to let me inside. In that moment I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The offices themselves, were well offices, simple white desks and grey carpets surrounded me.

A Night at the Theater

7:42 PM

Fall has always been my favorite season for fashion, and as soon as the days become colder I throw on one of my fashion staples: knee high socks. Any skirt, dress or even shorts can be transformed by a pair of killer socks, they can extend your cooler outfits through the colder months of the year. I'm all about adding layers to extend the wear of your favorite pieces. 

College Fashion Week

12:17 PM

Yesterday I had to the opportunity to attend College Fashion Week in Boston hosted by Her Campus! I recently became a member of the Her Campus Blogger Network, and when I received an email about this event I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet other bloggers my age.
Waiting in line for the doors to open I had the chance to talk to fellow bloggers from schools in the Boston area, it was wonderful to be able to discuss fashion with other collegiate aged bloggers. When we entered the venue, which was the beautiful Space57 located in the Revere Hotel, we parted ways to check out all the amazing sponsor booths and grab an amazing swag bag before the fashion show started. Around the spacious venue, you could pose for photos in the Simon Malls photo booth, get your nails done at the DIY Jamberry Nails station, have your eyebrows done by the European Wax Center, and eat some delicious custard from Tasty Burger!

Must See Exhibit

6:25 AM
As many of you already know, I love the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which is about 40 minutes from where I live. If you live in the Boston area, it is a must see, especially recently with the Herb Ritts exhibit on display. His exhibit was my favorite part of the day, it showcased some of his most famous photographs, including my personal favorite which depicts some of the most famous models of the late 80's. Surrounded by his work you couldn't help but feel inspired.

Five Tips to Stay on Top of Senior Year

5:52 PM

Happy September! School is beginning to start and the stress is soon to come. I am now a high school senior and it is a very scary feeling knowing about everything I need to accomplish in such a short time. It is very hard to stay on top of everything you must do in order to have a successful school year. With everything a senior must do including homework, college applications, extra curricular activities, and somehow finding time to relax, it can be very hard to find a balance without becoming extremely stressed out. Trust me I know this from first hand experience. So today I'll be sharing my five tips on how to stay on top of senior year. 

Back to School Saturday

8:16 PM

Today was no ordinary day for me, since it was Back to School Saturday with Teen Vogue and Simon Malls. It was a day of style talks, shopping, and fancy appetizers.
During the VIP hour I was able to meet and talk with people who are in the fashion industry. I first had the chance to speak with Teen Vogue's digital editorial directer, Phillip Picardi, who was so lovely! We were able to talk about his favorite class he took in high school (AP English Language), his favorite book (Bird by Bird), his favorite celebrity (Beyonce...duh) and his brushes with fame (5th Harmony, Nick Jonas, and Rihanna). It was great to see into the real world of a Teen Vogue employee. He was extremely down to earth, considering he has over 8,000 followers on twitter, and has one of the most coveted jobs in New York City.

Class of 2016

6:29 PM
Next week I start my senior year of high school, and as you may have guessed I am very stressed out. Searching for the perfect college is nerve wracking, and the common application seems to never end. But there are many fun events coming up, such as prom and senior banquet. The first official senior event is getting professional photos done for the yearbook. You would think it would be fun, but I stressed for weeks on what I was going to wear for the photo my peers will remember me by. After endless searching I finally found the perfect look, a classic yellow knee-length cotton dress. It fit like a glove, and the price was right, so I had to get it! It's also my first Nanette Lepore purchase! I cannot wait to wear this again. All my photos were done by Face it You're Beautiful Photography and Beauty Artistry, you can find all her work here: She was amazing to work with, I highly recommend her for any photography or makeup needs!

Inspired by Gigi

10:44 AM

This summer the beach has been a main attraction for fashion, since bathing suits are more stylish now than ever. If you've been anywhere on social media, you've seen high waisted bathing suit bottoms on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Taylor Swift. Cutouts have been popular as well, Kylie Jenner has shown she has what it takes to pull off major cutouts! I took a chance and purchased my own high waisted bathing suit with cutouts, a mix of the two trends. I fell in love instantly with the flattering shape and fashionable feel to the suit. It has been my go-to suit all summer long.

Shop Till' You Drop

3:46 PM

As many of you already know, I love to shop! The months before school starts are almost always the best time for sales and promotions, my time to shine some may say! Recently a friend and I took a trip to my ultimate favorite place to shop: Newbury Street in Boston. Our first stop was Zara, where they were having a large clearance event. We spent hours going through the many floors looking for bargains. We did the same at Forever 21 down the street, where every clearance item was an extra 50% off.

It's A Beautiful Day

9:08 PM

Today I took a ride to Newburyport with my Mom to go out to eat and go shopping. One of my favorite stops, is always Oldie's Marketplace, which is a giant antique store housed in a large barn. You can always find something odd to add to a collection. Today I found a vinyl record, in memory of one of my favorite presidents JFK. It was an impulse purchase, But when I got home and listened to it, it was comforting to hear his speeches, and I love his Boston accent. 

Mid Season Antics

8:35 AM

A cold day at the beach became the perfect setting for a mini photo shoot in my favorite sweater. Summer is upon us, and we are entering the awkward stages of transition dressing, not knowing if we will need a light jacket or trench coat when we leave in the morning. By midday it could be 90 degrees, or knowing New England, snowing! This outfit is the perfect mix of fall and summer, with an easy feel about it. Not too hot nor cold. Just right. 

Designer Days

9:29 AM

This year at Junior Prom I was ecstatic to wear my favorite designer Max Azria! It was fate when I walked into their store in Boston, and instantly this dress caught my eye, I wasn't looking for a prom dress, but when I saw this I knew it was perfect! Since the back is so intricate, I kept my hair up and out of my face with a simple crown braid. I went with fun gold and blue accessories, a chunky bracelet and square clutch from Aldo, and a statement necklace. Since the dress was so different, I had to do something crazy for shoes, and I saw these peep toe gold pumps from Forever 21 and knew they would be perfect. Throughout the entire night I got endless compliments and felt like I was a celebrity. 

A Change in Style

5:41 PM

When you think of an Easter outfit, you don't think of blue leather and over sized sunglasses. But that's exactly the look I wanted. I was done with the frilly pastel dresses and pink lipstick; I needed a change. Here in Massachusetts, there is still snow on the ground, and the wind could knock a grown man over, so I had to plan accordingly and add a chic blazer. I was inspired by an article on titled "Out of the Basket" which featured outfits you wouldn't normally wear on Easter Sunday.

What I'm Wearing:
Blue dress: (Forever 21 $8.99)
Black heels: (TJ Maxx $20.00)
Black Blazer: (Forever 21 $32.00)
Black studded bag: (Forever 21 $17.99)
Sunglasses: (Wet Seal $12.99)

Sweet 17?

11:22 AM

Yesterday was my 17th birthday, and my friends and I decided to have a girls night. We got dressed up and headed to my favorite restaurant to have a quiet dinner. Afterwards we went back to my house for cake. I lit a fire we sat around and talked while drinking pink ginger ale in champagne glasses. For this evening I had to find the perfect dress, and during a trip to the mall I stumbled across this watercolor printed dress at my favorite store, Forever 21. I knew I had to have it, since it displayed my artsy style. The price tag wasn't bad either, for $23 dollars it was a done deal. To my excitement when I reached the register it rang up as only $12! I had money to spare and bought a new pair of jeans and some accessories. Nothing like finding a good sale!

What I'm Wearing:
Printed dress: (Forever 21 $12)
Black suede shoes: (Target $39.99)
Tan tights: (Capezio Dance-wear $14)