When you think of an Easter outfit, you don't think of blue leather and over sized sunglasses. But that's exactly the look I wanted. I was done with the frilly pastel dresses and pink lipstick; I needed a change. Here in Massachusetts, there is still snow on the ground, and the wind could knock a grown man over, so I had to plan accordingly and add a chic blazer. I was inspired by an article on teenvogue.com titled "Out of the Basket" which featured outfits you wouldn't normally wear on Easter Sunday.

What I'm Wearing:
Blue dress: (Forever 21 $8.99)
Black heels: (TJ Maxx $20.00)
Black Blazer: (Forever 21 $32.00)
Black studded bag: (Forever 21 $17.99)
Sunglasses: (Wet Seal $12.99)