Back to School Saturday

8:16 PM

Today was no ordinary day for me, since it was Back to School Saturday with Teen Vogue and Simon Malls. It was a day of style talks, shopping, and fancy appetizers.
During the VIP hour I was able to meet and talk with people who are in the fashion industry. I first had the chance to speak with Teen Vogue's digital editorial directer, Phillip Picardi, who was so lovely! We were able to talk about his favorite class he took in high school (AP English Language), his favorite book (Bird by Bird), his favorite celebrity (Beyonce...duh) and his brushes with fame (5th Harmony, Nick Jonas, and Rihanna). It was great to see into the real world of a Teen Vogue employee. He was extremely down to earth, considering he has over 8,000 followers on twitter, and has one of the most coveted jobs in New York City.

Class of 2016

6:29 PM
Next week I start my senior year of high school, and as you may have guessed I am very stressed out. Searching for the perfect college is nerve wracking, and the common application seems to never end. But there are many fun events coming up, such as prom and senior banquet. The first official senior event is getting professional photos done for the yearbook. You would think it would be fun, but I stressed for weeks on what I was going to wear for the photo my peers will remember me by. After endless searching I finally found the perfect look, a classic yellow knee-length cotton dress. It fit like a glove, and the price was right, so I had to get it! It's also my first Nanette Lepore purchase! I cannot wait to wear this again. All my photos were done by Face it You're Beautiful Photography and Beauty Artistry, you can find all her work here: She was amazing to work with, I highly recommend her for any photography or makeup needs!

Inspired by Gigi

10:44 AM

This summer the beach has been a main attraction for fashion, since bathing suits are more stylish now than ever. If you've been anywhere on social media, you've seen high waisted bathing suit bottoms on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Taylor Swift. Cutouts have been popular as well, Kylie Jenner has shown she has what it takes to pull off major cutouts! I took a chance and purchased my own high waisted bathing suit with cutouts, a mix of the two trends. I fell in love instantly with the flattering shape and fashionable feel to the suit. It has been my go-to suit all summer long.

Shop Till' You Drop

3:46 PM

As many of you already know, I love to shop! The months before school starts are almost always the best time for sales and promotions, my time to shine some may say! Recently a friend and I took a trip to my ultimate favorite place to shop: Newbury Street in Boston. Our first stop was Zara, where they were having a large clearance event. We spent hours going through the many floors looking for bargains. We did the same at Forever 21 down the street, where every clearance item was an extra 50% off.