Must See Exhibit

6:25 AM
As many of you already know, I love the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which is about 40 minutes from where I live. If you live in the Boston area, it is a must see, especially recently with the Herb Ritts exhibit on display. His exhibit was my favorite part of the day, it showcased some of his most famous photographs, including my personal favorite which depicts some of the most famous models of the late 80's. Surrounded by his work you couldn't help but feel inspired.

Five Tips to Stay on Top of Senior Year

5:52 PM

Happy September! School is beginning to start and the stress is soon to come. I am now a high school senior and it is a very scary feeling knowing about everything I need to accomplish in such a short time. It is very hard to stay on top of everything you must do in order to have a successful school year. With everything a senior must do including homework, college applications, extra curricular activities, and somehow finding time to relax, it can be very hard to find a balance without becoming extremely stressed out. Trust me I know this from first hand experience. So today I'll be sharing my five tips on how to stay on top of senior year.