Fall has always been my favorite season for fashion, and as soon as the days become colder I throw on one of my fashion staples: knee high socks. Any skirt, dress or even shorts can be transformed by a pair of killer socks, they can extend your cooler outfits through the colder months of the year. I'm all about adding layers to extend the wear of your favorite pieces. 

I took the opportunity to wear my favorite knit socks when my family had a night out at the theater to see Billy Elliot, one of my favorite musicals. It's almost impossible to predict the temperature inside the theater, since it changes show to show, so i decided to go for a sleeveless dress, but added layers on my legs for warmth. Living in the New England area, I have become an expert at dressing for the ever-changing temperatures. As for the show, put on by the Northshore Music Theater, was absolutely amazing! The dancing was flawless, and the energy you could feel radiating off the actors was phenomenal! Although Billy Elliot is now over, I highly recommend the Northshore Music Theater if you live in the area! 

What I'm Wearing:
Black Dress ($16.99 Forever 21)
Knee High Socks ($9.99 Betsy Johnston) 
Black Suede Boots ($34.99 Forever 21)