As you all may know, I am absolutely obsessed with everything related to New York City, especially Teen Vogue. So, as expected, when I found out I would be touring the Teen Vogue Headquarters in New York City I was ecstatic.
Walking through the large glass doors at One World Trade Center felt like a dream, I couldn't believe I was in the building where the magic of Teen Vogue is born. I went through security, and took the elevator to the 40th floor, where I was greeted by marble walls and dark leather couches. Before me were the doors into the offices. I sat and waited for Tina Ferraro, the beauty assistant at Teen Vogue, to let me inside. In that moment I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The offices themselves, were well offices, simple white desks and grey carpets surrounded me.

I was greeted by warm smiles as Tina led me to her office space, which was filled with makeup. It was as if Sephora threw up all over her desk. She handed me a bag, and told me to pick out anything I liked. We sat together on the floor of the beauty department talking about glitter eye shadow, primer, and my endless college search. I felt like I had known Tina for years since she was so warm and friendly. After leaving the beauty department we turned the corner and I was welcomed by a friendly face. Phillip Picardi, whom I met in August at the Back to School Saturday event, was alongside fellow Teen Vogue employee watching the new Barbie commercial. For a while we talked about visiting colleges, the main reason I had traveled to New York. Again I felt as if I had known these people for years. Tina then guided me to the fashion closet, every girls dream. Inside there was a plethora of shoes, in every style you could imagine. We didn't stay long inside the closet, since they were packing for the December cover shoot, and were very busy. Leaving that closet I knew my tour was coming to an end, and I didn't want it to. Being in the presence of the people I have looked up to my entire life was an amazing experience. I hope someday I will end up back in the Teen Vogue Headquarters again.

I didn't know what to expect for the weather in the city, so I felt that layers would be my go-to for the weekend. I found this amazing maroon coat at Express and built my entire outfit around it. Since the coat and matching hat are such a strong color, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit neutral. I went with a thin turtleneck, which was comfortable enough to it through a five hour car ride, while still being fashionable. The leather skirt is very popular at the moment, and I added my favorite suede boots to complete the look. I was able to stay comfortable walking around the city, and still bring in my personal style.

What I'm Wearing:
Maroon Jacket ($198 Express)
Grey Turtleneck ($14.90 Forever 21)
Leather Skirt ($19.90 Forever 21)
Black Suede Boots ($34.99 Forever 21)
Maroon Hat ($12 Forever 21)
Rampage Purse ($24.99 Marshall's)