I had never given my eyebrows a second thought, every so often I would pluck them myself, but that was all. When Billion Dollar Brows contacted me to test out some of their new products, I figured it would be a good chance to experiment. The results were amazing, it had never occurred to me that changing the shape of my eyebrows would make such a difference.

To create a fuller and darker eyebrow look I used two of BDB products, their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit and their Best Sellers Kit. First I used their Universal Brow Pencil to draw out the shape I wanted, then using their Brow Powder in Taupe I filled in the entirety of my eyebrow making them appear darker and fuller. To compliment my new eyebrow shape I used the highlighter from the Brow Duo Pencil on my brow bone, then blended it in using the Smudge Brush. To finish the look I used Brow Gel over my eyebrows to hold them in place. The whole process overall took under 10 minutes, and my eyebrows stayed perfect all day long. After using  Billion Dollar Brow's products I am now a full believer in makeup for your eyebrows. I definitely will be adding a few steps to my morning makeup routine, and you should too. Enter to win your own Best Sellers Kit in the sidebar or buy your own kits at www.billiondollarbrows.com!

What I'm Wearing:
Burgundy Pants ($12 Forever 21)
Tan Sweater ($16.99 Forever 21)
Vegan Fur Vest ($34 Marshall's)
Teal Purse ($149 Michael Kors) 
Brown Boots ($29.99 Target)
60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows ($24 Billion Dollar Brows)
Best Sellers Kit ($42 Billion Dollar Brows)

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own*