It happens to the best of us, entering the department stores in December we are instantly surrounded by red and green sequins, drawn to the sparkle and shine of the holidays. Then it happens, we buy that shiny red number and suddenly you look like you should be on top of the tree instead of beside it. I love sparkles just as much as the next girl, but Christmas is a time to let the tree shine, instead of your skirt. Here's three questions to ask yourself before committing to the perfect party dress.

1. Would my younger cousin look cute in this?
If this is a yes, out it down. Even if it is the best silver sequin mini dress in the store, if it could be shrunk to fit a young girl, it is not an appropriate choice for a Christmas party. 

2. Would I wear this on New Years Eve?
You have to keep in mind that all clothing stores have stock for both Christmas and New Years Eve at the same time, so you need to learn to distinguish between the two. If your Christmas party dress would also be appropriate for a night out with the girls, it probably isn't the best option for the family get together. 

3. Would a Rockette wear this?
If you want to look flashy and fun, look towards the Rockettes at their Radio City Spectacular, but this probably isn't the look you want at Christmas brunch. 

If you've answered yes to any of these three questions, it's time to head back to the racks. Christmas doesn't mean you have to dress like the Virgin Mary herself, but Brittney Spears isn't someone you want to emulate either. Each year my family celebrates on Christmas Eve with a brunch. Since I had been extremely festive last year with a red slip dress, this year I went more conservative with a black and white plaid dress. I added a festive touch with a red jacket and heel. Can't forget about the red lipstick either! 

What I'm Wearing: 
Plaid Dress ($24.99 Forever 21)
MK Wallet (Gift)
Ann Taylor Jacket (Gift)
Red Heels ($24 Marshalls)