Senior year of high school is full of exciting events, prom being one that everyone looks forward to all year long. This past week, I had my very own prom, and it was every bit of magical as I would have hoped. I started looking for a dress extremely early in the school year, since I knew it would be hard to top my BCBG dress from last years junior prom. I began to fall in love with the fabric neoprene, the fabric that is used to make wet suits and some bathing suits. I had seen one of the contestants on Project Runway Junior use this fabric to make an elegant dress, and I knew I had to have it.

At a normal day at the mall, I walked by Bebe and spotted a bright pink dress in the window. I instantly knew it was the one. I dragged my friend into the store so I could try it on, even though it was still very early in the prom season. As I walked around the dressing room in the form fitting neoprene gown I felt like a movie star. I left the store empty handed, but only to come back two weeks later to purchase it, along with a matching gold belt. 

For my overall look I took major inspiration from Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, who also influence my day to day style. At the Grammy's in 2015 Taylor Swift wore a bright teal gown with amazing hot pink shoes. so I took a leap of faith and ordered bright teal shoes online, also Bebe, and I was lucky enough that they fit perfect! I added to the gold belt by adding a gold choker and gold earrings. TO further tie in the teal shoes, I had my nails painted bright teal. Fun fact: I actually brought my shoes to my nail appointment to match the color. At the end of the night, my neoprene dream was a success and I had a wonderful time at prom. I can't wait to see all your prom looks!

What I'm Wearing: 
Dress (Bebe $198)
Shoes (Bebe $120 $30)
Belt (Bebe $58)
Earrings (TJ Maxx $19)
Necklace (Aldo $28)