If you own a computer, there's a good chance you've taken one or two Buzzfeed Quizzes; and if you're a millennial, there's a good chance you even have the app. This past week I had the amazing opportunity to tour their offices in New York City, and sit and have a Q&A with their employees!

Let me start out and say, their offices are extremely beautiful, with a view to die for! If offered a chance to work here, anyone would jump at the chance just based off of the view. Bright walls, large conference rooms, and an overall open concept makes it the perfect space to be creative. Latisha Chance, our tour guide and an iOS Developer at Buzzfeed couldn't give the space and the company itself enough praise. Coming from an education background, with coding as a hobby, Chance credits Buzzfeed for helping her grow in such a welcoming environment. The space gives out positive vibes with it's brightly lit rooms, and not to mention snacks on every floor to make sure employees are not "hangry".

Speaking with some of Buzzfeed's employees, they seem to love the job they do, and enjoy coming to work each day. Brendan Smith, a video producer for Cocoa Butter at Buzzfeed, found himself applying to Buzzfeed online. He stated simply that when hiring at Buzzfeed they "want someone who wants to be there, but it's important to know who you are and what you want."
Knowing that so many recent graduates are dying to work for a company like Buzzfeed, Treye Green, a market writer for Buzzfeed, stresses the importance of putting your work out in the world. It not only gets your name out in the world, but also helps you establish a personal brand.

For this beuatiful fall day in the city I went with a casual, but trendy look. I put on my favorite denim skirt, which I've honestly been wearing way too much lately, to make sure I was comfortable enough walking through the city, but spiced up the plain skirt with a black and white checkered top I found at TJ Maxx. To finish the look I added short suede booties which helped transition the skirt to a fall look!