For a band with only 27 minutes of music out in the world, they put on a hell of a show. The Wrecks, a group of five friends from New Jersey, is an up and coming indie rock band that I believe is only going up from here. You can tell that these guys love what they do the moment they come on stage. They jump into the crowd, crack jokes and nearly injure themselves throughout the set.

Why put the effort into touring the US with only seven released songs? For a simple answer, it’s what the fans want. When I arrived to the show at the Gramercy Theatre the line to get in was already around the block, with two hours left to go until doors opened. The band’s guitarist Nick Schmidt notes how incredibly lucky they are to be headlining already.

“We’re just very thankful to be able to tour and to have people like you guys show up; it means the world to us.”

Putting on a headlining show in New York City can be hard for a band, noted lead singer Nick Anderson.

“New York City is a very hard market to play in and you’re never really sure what the crowd is going to be like, but tonight it was electric and we are ecstatic that so many people came out and were jumping and going wild and sweating and touching each other consensually and it was fantastic and we all had a great time and can’t wait to come back to New York.”

Just as Anderson said, the crowd really was electric, and the band had the crowd wrapped around their fingers. We clapped when asked, jumped off the ground, many fans even crowd surfed towards the stage to get a closer glimpse of the band. You could tell the girls in the audience were smitten, every time Anderson got closer to the crowd the screams exploded. But this band has so much more than just good looks, their attention to detail in their music is admirable, which is a major reason they have grown so much since their first tours.

Photo: Hunter Garrett Media
Starting out with just a few songs to their name, The Wrecks were already touring with bands such as Nothing but Thieves, All Time Low, and The Maine. Guitarist Nick Schmidt said in regards to being a support act:

“It’s a lot easier to suck in all the fun and all the energy, the more you do it, it’s still magical every single night”

Since starting out a support act, they haven’t stopped growing. It seems as if The Wrecks could be the next big indie rock band. They not only have a knack for song writing, they have the charisma and drive to make big something happen. Bassist Aaron Kelley told me how incredible it has felt to be on this band’s journey.

“It’s been crazy, the crowds have been insane, we even sold out a couple dates. The constant growing is dope.”

Watching this group of guys interact with their fans on a busy New York sidewalk in 30-degree weather, I could feel something incredible brewing. People were laughing, joking around and taking about a million photos. Not only was the show incredible, and the music great, The Wrecks are genuine guys who make an effort to talk to each fan, and that says a lot about a band.
Photo: Hunter Garrett Media