It's not everyday that you get to play in a foam pit during your lunch break, but today that's exactly what I did! Her Campus and Extra Gum have a Refresh Your Day Tour going all around Boston this summer, and it happened to stop right by our office. With music blasting and bubbles coming down the street, it was hard not to spend at least a few minutes at the truck.

Interactive events are all the rage right now, and seeing one moving around the streets is such an interesting experience! Playing in a ball pit while music blasted was a great break from sitting at my desk all day, and if the truck is coming to your area, I'd 100% suggest stopping in for some fun and free gum (that is actually really good!)

Next Stops:
6/26 - 4-7 PM at Chestnut Hill Square
6/27 - 1-4 PM at Boston University
6/29 - 11 AM-5 PM at City Hall Plaza
And more to come!

*I was not compensated for this post