This past weekend I attended Sad Summer Festival, a traveling festival stopping in 17 cities this summer! Hoping to fill a void since Warped Tour officially stopped traveling, the festival includes many popular pop-punk and rock bands along with photo moments and food trucks. I attended the Worcester, Massachusetts date and it wasn't sad at all, instead it was probably one of my favorite days of the summer. It had a similar feel to Warped Tour, except with less promotional material and more focus on the bands and their fans. There were chances to take photos with band members, and places to cool off and talk with friends. For a rock show, it was extremely organized which made it easy to enjoy. Another aspect I loved was their dedication to local charities, each stop on the tour highlighted a charity from that area, which made it unique and special to every city.

Many of the bands attending were some that I was obsessed with throughout high school, so it was a major throwback seeing them perform again. The Wonder Years, a rock band from Philadelphia, was one that I was most excited to see. The last time I had seen them live was in 2013, so being able to enjoy a set of theirs again as an adult looking back on my high school experiences was surreal. I always like to say that when I see The Wonder Years perform live, it's like they are writing the songs they are singing onstage in that moment, due to the passion they they put into a live show.

Throughout the day, bands continuously mentioned how honored they felt to be on the inaugural Sad Summer Fest Tour, and I felt that way as well. I'm hoping to see this tour grow into something big and last a long time, similar to how Warped Tour did. If a date is coming to your area I highly recommend going!